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9 Cars Prepped For The New BOND Film Stolen!


Today is the day James Bond meets Grand Theft Auto. Bond..James Bond! The most famous and notorious under cover agent and spy has its new and upcoming movie hitting the theaters soon under the name of “Spectre”. It is one of the most awaited Bond movies with Daniel Craig resuming the role of James Bond in his third movie of the franchise. Well the shooting of the movie is to begin soon and it has already suffered a setback in the process.

According to the news, nine Range Rovers specially prepped for the Bond’s new movie were to be used for its shooting in the alps and awaited being transported at Land Rover’s training center at Dusseldorf. Well Bond met Grand Theft Auto when all of these 9 vehicles were snatched from the location. The thieves who might be over the moon after getting their hands on the treasure are in for a huge surprise since the cars are fitted with collapsible suspensions and are empty of the Bond gadgetry and are solely for stunt purposes during the action sequences where almost everything is always ruined. Looks like 007 pulled a fast one on you boys!