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9 Year Old A Super Hero Against Car Thieves!


It is no surprise that super heroes come in all shapes and sizes. If you ask a four year old who he thinks is the super hero the answer would definitely be his dad. If you ask a fourteen year old it will be batman. If you ask a 24 year old it will be his mom. However what no one would expect is for a 9 year old to act like an actual super hero causing a thief to fail miserably in his evil plans.

Well that is exactly what the nine year old Nicholas Ferran did when he came across something unusual. The little boy saw an unknown person taking his father’s bikes from the garage and thinking there was something fishy about the situation called his dad up. Upon asking his father whether he was letting someone borrow his cars, the father got alarmed and asked the situation and the little boy told him the man is taking two of his bikes. The father called 911 while chasing the thieves all the while his kid got in his go-kart and followed the thief as well. The thief the bikes one by one and was at the end caught up with making the 9 year old the brave super hero he proved to be.