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9 Year Old Steals and Drives Car at 70 mph!!!


What would you expect a 9 year old to drive? A scoot-ee, a kids bike, a tricycle, a bicycle with training wheel on it? Well that is the thing of the past now to everyone’s surprise. The latest news trending is that of a 9 year old first stealing a car and then driving it to his grand mother’s house. That is one way to get to grandma!

Two teenagers at West Bend on the highway realized that a car driving approximately at 70 miles an hour was zooming in and out of their lane. The swaying of the car made the kids realize that there might be a drunk driver on the road who is not only putting his own life in danger but that of the others as well. When they drove up close to him to ask him to stop the car, what they saw shocked the to the core. A little 9 year old boy who could barely see over the steering wheel was driving the car with his 4 year old sibling in the back seat. They teenagers made the kid stop the car before they could hurt themselves while they made the 911 call. The kids whose father had apparently taught them to drive a car were on their way to their grand mothers house after stealing the car. How these kids did not get hurt or ending up not hurting anyone else is no short of a miracle!