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A $10,000 Driverless Car? Red Alert For Google!!


The past couple of months has dedicated a considerable amount of time and attention to the Google’s driverless car idea. The unique proposition that has never been opted for before and never made commercially possible is now a reality that everyone is excited about. Google has enjoyed much attention from all four corners of the world with its innovative feature and yet it remains out of budget for a common buyer. Not only that but its actual implementation commercially is years away.


As a challenge accepted by the Cruise Automation in San Francisco, the company has come up with a better and cheaper solution to the driverless car phenomenon. The company is sure it can get the vehicle out sooner and at an affordable price of $10,000. The $10,000 accessory is aimed to be strapped at the roof of the car and plugged in the footwell. Cruise is taking orders for 50 units of RP-1 product, however there is a catch. The accessory will only work on Audi A4 and S4 at the moment. The company is however working of creating the accessory that will function on every vehicle. Lets see how the product named “The Highway Autopilot ” pans out and how its presence effects Google’s self driving car. Google you have been warned.