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A 3D Printed Driveable Car Is Ready In Just Four Hours!


3D printing is all the rage at the moment. The ground breaking phenomenon has the capacity to bring down empires that charge premium for products they exclusively make and sell. However the art of 3D printing allows to capture numerous areas and make the production of a lot of things possible. A visionary woman using a 3D printer introduced the ability of the printer to print out make up accessories of reputed brands in a matter of minutes without any difference at all. Now the people out there are thinking of something big and just made it possible.

The International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago recently made the ground breaking achievement of creating an actual 3D printed car. This event was viewed by thousands of attendees watching live printed being carried out for 44 hours. The car parts including chassis, seats, door panels and numerous more were 3D printed in just one piece and cost about $7000. This opens up a new gateway and a niche for customized car production with exclusive design and tailor made. Let us see how the automotive industry responds to this as it provides a definite threat if mass production is ever made possible.