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A 7 Year Old Boy Left Traumatized After Getting A $275 Ticket!


What would be your dream fantasy if you were a seven year old boy? Probably to have a jet plane you could fly around or a ship you can sail with machine guns on it or an amazing car you would want to race on the roads. That is what goes through the mind of an innocent first grader who does not even know right from wrong yet. So anything out of the ordinary that comes across him will scare him for life and that is where the adults come in to take charge of the situation.

A 7 year old boy in Texas was having a fun day out with his mother. It was the sea, the sand and the sun and it seemed that nothing could go wrong. Ensuring there was no danger and no traffic nearby the little boy with his mother sitting along side him drove a gold cart on the beach having a little adventure of his own. However when the authorities saw what was happening they did not give the little boy or the mother any sort of warning or penalty but slapped the little boy with a $275 fine on spot. The little kid was traumatized and terrorized thinking he was going to jail for something he did not understand. Now that is what you all going over the edge.