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A Blind Racecar Driver, A Dead Body In The Midst And NAZI Defeat!!

Klemantaski Collection

What you are about to read may seem like a script from Hollywood’s latest blockbuster but the the truth on the story is highly credible due to its actual occurrence in World War II. The story revolves around a racecar driver who suffering from extreme nearsightedness was given the mission that could lead to the potential fall of the Nazi’s and thus put an end to the war that resulted in the loss of millions of lives. For a blind man, that seems like an impossible task.

Gas Powered

With the German on the peak of military intelligence in 1943, the plan of the Allies was to invade Sicily. The Nazi’s had secured their position there due to the expectancy of the attack. The aim was to divert German attention to other places in order to strike Sicily when it was weakest. The way to do that was to transport a dead body across UK to the borders of Italy with false papers mentioning the intention to attack Greece and Sardinia instead of Sicily. The feat was near impossible as it had to be done before the dead body would decompose. The British spy agency has one man for the job “St. John “Jock” Horsfall”. The trustee blind racer in his loyal 1937 Fordson Van embarked upon the mission with the dead body in the trunk covered in dry ice to prevent from decomposing. The plan was made successful through its efficient and timely completion. The Allies succeeded in invading Sicily with less resistance than it was prior to the “Mission Mincemeat” and soon after the Nazi’s were doomed.