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A Car Collection That Will Make Your Jaw Drop!


When it comes to luxurious car collections there is no where better to go but to the rich and the famous. Be it actors, athletes, celebrities, politicians, and who so ever, their life styles are completely different from ours. They do not shop like we do, they do not eat like we do and they definitely do not spend like we do or we can ever wish to. One of the most popular segments is the car collections of these personnel. One of the most famous car collection belong to none other than Jay Leno and David Beckham. Rolling in money, these guys know how to flaunt it at best.

Well that was before you came across Floyd Mayweather’s car collection. One of the most popular and highly paid athletes in the world, Mr. Mayweather knows how to flaunt with class and style like none before. His car collection contains a fleet of 3 Bugatti Verons of $2 million each along with two Ferrari 458 Spyders, Lamnborghini Aventador, Porsche 911 turbo S and the epic Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. Well the whole collection is missing a gem which is none other than his own private jet. That is the life!