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A Car With One Door, Three Wheels, Two Seats And A Low Price Tag?!!


Stepping into the world of automobile is risky business indeed. With the latest technological breakthroughs and its implementation in the auto world, it comes as no surprise that the saturation level is high where as the competition is cut throat. Reputed automobile companies from all over the world are introducing top notch cars that excel either in performance, technology, features or innovativeness. Entering the world of automobile is another such company that plans to woo the audience with its highly unique designs and attractive appeals. Behold the Elio Motors!


Elio Motors is a new and fresh automobile manufacturer introducing a brand new car to the world of car fanatics. The company head by the automotive engineer and CEO Paul Elio has introduced a prototype that is bright orange, has a single door, three wheels and 2 seats. Having a sticker price of $6,800 it provides 49 mpg in the city and 84 mpg on he highway. It will be made and manufactured in the USA and is aimed to target the large chunk of people who are opting for affordable cars rather than the ones with a high price tag. Since the car is of less than four wheel therefore it is added in the category of the motorcycle however providing the features of a full fledge four wheel vehicle. Set to begin production in 2015, lets see if Elio Motors succeeds in making a name for itself in the automobile world.