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A Complete Review of the Toyota Dyna 2 Tonne Truck

Toyota Dyna

In the world of commercial vehicles, the Toyota Dyna 2-tonne truck stands tall as a reliable and versatile workhorse.Toyota produces the highly dependable and durable Toyota Dyna series, comprising light to medium-duty trucks designed for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

This comprehensive article delves into the myriad facets of this remarkable automobile. From its detailed specifications to a thorough exploration of its performance characteristics, we will also conduct a detailed comparison with the Toyota Dyna 3-tonne truck. Stay tuned as we cover it all in this in-depth analysis.

Toyota Dyna 2 Tonne Truck Overview


Due to its dependability, toughness, and load capacity, the Toyota Dyna 2-tonne truck is a well-liked option for companies of all kinds. It is available in a variety of body styles, including dropside, flatbed, and box van, making it versatile enough to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses.

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the Toyota Dyna 2-tonne truck’s key features and specifications:

Engine Power and Performance

The Toyota Dyna 2-tonne truck boasts a 3.0-liter diesel engine, generating 109 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque. Additionally, an alternative to the standard five-speed manual transmission is the available six-speed manual transmission.

The Toyota Dyna 2-tonne truck is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in around 15 seconds, which is respectable for a vehicle of its size and weight. It also has a top speed of around 150 km/h.

Fuel Efficiency

The Toyota Dyna truck is relatively fuel-efficient for its size and weight. It uses around 10.1 gallons of petrol in total every 100 kilometers. This indicates that a single tank of petrol should last you for about 750 kilometers.

Load Capacity

Conveying an extensive assortment of goods, from construction materials to landscaping supplies and even inventory for retail businesses, the Toyota Dyna 2-tonne truck’s remarkable load-bearing capacity of 2,000 kilograms establishes it as a versatile workhorse. Consequently, this robust vehicle stands as an ideal solution for a myriad of transportation requirements, seamlessly adapting to the demands of diverse industries.

Safety Features

The Toyota Dyna 2-tonne truck comes standard with a number of safety features, including:

  1. Dual airbags
  2. Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  3. Traction control system (TCS)
  4. Electronic stability control (ESC)

In the case of a collision, these safety measures aid in protecting the driver and passengers.

Toyota Dyna 2 Tonne Truck Interior and Comfort

TOYOTA DYNA 2018 Interior

Spacious Cabin

The Toyota Dyna 2-tonne truck’s interior is designed for comfort and convenience. The spacious cabin offers ample legroom and headroom, ensuring a relaxed posture for the driver and passengers during extended journeys. Moreover, thoughtfully positioned seat controls and a well-organized dashboard further enhance the driving experience, fostering a sense of effortless control. All controls are easily accessible because of the ergonomic design.

Comfortable Seating

Plentiful padding and support in the seats prevent driver fatigue during extended hours on the road, making the Dyna a comfortable choice for those spending prolonged periods behind the wheel.

Handling and Maneuverability

TOYOTA DYNA 2018 Dashboard and Steering

Easy Handling

One of the key advantages of the Toyota Dyna 2-tonne truck is its exceptional handling. Whether you’re navigating tight city streets or winding rural roads, this truck’s responsive steering and compact size make it a breeze to maneuver.

Turning Radius

Facilitating sharp turns and effortless parking in confined spaces, the Dyna’s remarkable turning radius enhances maneuverability. Particularly beneficial for urban deliveries and navigating construction sites with spatial constraints, this capability proves exceptionally useful in diverse scenarios.

Toyota Dyna 2 Tonne Truck vs. Toyota Dyna 3 Tonne Truck

Now that we’ve explored the features of the Toyota Dyna 2-tonne truck in detail, it’s time to compare it with its sibling, the Toyota Dyna 3-tonne truck.

Payload Capacity Comparison

The primary difference between these two models lies in their payload capacity. While the Dyna 2-tonne truck can handle 2 metric tonnes, the Dyna 3-tonne truck boasts an even greater payload capacity of 3 metric tonnes. This makes the Dyna 3-tonne truck suitable for heavier loads and larger cargo.

Fuel Efficiency

In terms of fuel efficiency, both models are designed to be economical. However, due to its larger engine and capacity, the Dyna 3-tonne truck may have a slightly lower fuel efficiency compared to the Dyna 2-tonne truck. Your particular transportation requirements and financial constraints will determine which option you should select.


When it comes to maneuverability, the Dyna 2-tonne truck has a slight edge. Its smaller size and tighter turning radius make it more agile in urban environments. On the other hand, the Dyna 3-tonne truck, while still maneuverable, may require more space to navigate effectively.

Cost Considerations

Lastly, cost is a significant factor to consider. Due to its increased capacity and power, the Toyota Dyna 3-tonne truck typically comes with a higher price tag. However, the Dyna 2-tonne truck offers a more budget-friendly option for businesses with lighter cargo needs.

Should You Buy a Toyota Dyna 2-Tonne Truck?

The Toyota Dyna 2-tonne truck stands out as a commendable option for businesses of all sizes requiring a reliable and durable vehicle with a high load capacity. Moreover, for businesses in search of a versatile vehicle precisely tailored to their specific needs, it proves to be an excellent choice.

However, the Toyota Dyna 2-tonne truck can be expensive to purchase, and the ride quality can be rough. If you are looking for a more affordable or comfortable vehicle, you may want to consider other options.

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End Word

In conclusion, the Toyota Dyna 2-tonne truck is a versatile and dependable choice for various commercial applications. Its impressive payload capacity, fuel efficiency, and safety features offer a well-rounded solution for businesses seeking a reliable workhorse.

The choice between the Toyota Dyna 2-tonne and 3-tonne trucks depends on your cargo needs and budget. Either way, you can count on Toyota’s renowned quality and reliability. Find out more options at SBT Malawi to make the right choice.