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A Smart Car Can Smartly Cut Pollution!


With the excess of vehicles on the roads, one of the most concerning factors is the added amount of fuel burnt and the effect the fuels and fumes have on the environment. The rate with which the pollution is increasing at the moment is shockingly high with the emissions that are potentially life threatening and harmful for the environment. The innovative step taken by the automobile industry in producing smart cars can play an even more impressive role than earlier expected. They can smartly cut added air pollution.

The automakers are developing such technologies that will enable the cars to communicate with each other. They can detect an incoming car, or a vehicle about to run a red light, a blind corner or point out detours that can actually help save time and gas. According to the yearly statistics Americans spend neatly 5.5 billion hours in traffic costing up to $120 billion in waster gas and fuel. By making use fo the connected cars, the smart vehicles will be able to take shorter more convenient routes that will enable the driver to save a lot of money and additional time as well. Not only this but the less amount of fuel combusted or burnt can additionally result in saving the environment from harmful fuels that would not have been possible otherwise.