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A Super Woman Is Fighting Crime On Her Motorcycle In An AMAZING Way!


One of the most basic things that we are taught since the very beginning of our childhood is the important of neatness and cleanliness. We are prone to keep ourself and our home clean and safe to prevent harmful diseases from spreading and attacking us. But when it comes to Mother Earth we have such a negative and don’t care attitude that is downright wrong. On massive scale companies and individuals themselves are unaware of their civic and social responsibility to keep the earth, the roads, the place where we work or move neat and safe from garbage or harmful gases.


One individual who is being labeled the “Super Woman” has taken things in her own hands. The smart and thorough woman is out on the roads on her bike fighting the crime of people throwing stuff out of their car and littering all over the place. The woman has counter attacked them in their own way. She picks up the trash and throws it in the cars of the people littering all over the place all the while confronting them of being uncaring and socially irresponsible citizens. Faith in humanity restored.