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Adele Almost Sets Fire To The Car!


There are numerous instances when you are just cruising in your car without a worry in the world, lost in your thoughts with sweet serene music in the background and you feel like there is nothing better. Just you, your ride and the long road ahead is what makes your day complete. However in such relaxing moments you are most vulnerable to getting hurt on the road since your attention span in thoroughly minimized at that moment.

A certain incident recently happened which will leave you in tears of laughter apparently. A man recently stopped his car in the middle pf the road and ran out of it when he saw the word Fire across his dashboard. The man thought that the car was about tot burst into flames where as the man was listening to the song Set Fire To The Rain by Adele at that moment and confused them both up in his moment of zen. A couple stopped their car in the middle of the road and when asked if the car had broken down they responded that they were taking pictures of the baby since it was such a beautiful day. In numerous other instances people have stopped their car while on the road to pick up flowers, to renew their insurance as well as to sell the car there and then.