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Adjustable Ethics On A Robot Car Does Not Sound Like A Good Idea!


The year 2014 has witnessed the automobile industry developing by leaps and bounds making the impossible now possible. The act of questioning an actual creation of something unbelievable has been completely changed. Where one never thought it would be possible to travel in driverless car it is now a reality. Self parking vehicles, vehicles without steering wheels and cars that communicate each other on the road seem like a story from Jetson’s and not our actual world. But with the development in technology, there is one element that is for sure lacking and can never be replaced and that is the human emotion and ethics.

Imagine you are in a vehicle where due to some reason what so ever you loose control of your car. It is heading towards a crowd of people and in the other lane is are two people crossing the road. Since you have no control over the vehicle you cannot apply the brakes. Your automated robot car takes over and in a span of a second decides to switch lanes in order to save the lives of the crowd of people. However now although multiple lives have been saved but the vehicle crashed into the two people crossing the road and taking their lives. The justification behind the incident being that a crowd of lives wee more important than the two who ides is not reason enough. Could the car not have applied the brakes and put a halt there and then. Who should be held responsible for the choice of killing two instead of five? The ethics are a tricky business and needs to be pondered upon seriously before we hand over our lives and actions in the hands of an emotion less robot.