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Advanced Technologies Of 2020!


Future technology and advanced features are so connected to each other. Many of the technologically advanced features are around the comer to show off while others lie way off. One thing is for sure that everything around is moving on a faster pace towards growth and development. Automobile industry has witnessed great changes in preceding years and hopes to do so even more in years ahead. The expectations and demands have no end, neither does creativity and expertise. This has raised a serious question that what will be the future of automotive industry 20 years from now?! Some of the probable advanced technologies that might hit the people across 2020 include:

  1. Autonomous Vehicle

By 2020 we expect to have cars that have the capability and potential for minimal variables intervention, simply, human oversight.

  1. Driver Override System

By 2020 cars will have the ability to over ride the drivers decision, such as in the event of applying the brakes even if driver has given no command.

  1. Biometric Vehicle Access

The cell security concept will be applied to cars too. The cars could be unlocked through fingerprints, eye ball or thumb impression.

  1. Comprehensive Vehicle Tracking

The insurance companies will tend to charge less for drivers that agrees on complete monitoring and transparency of their driving behaviors. The technological implication of this system works largely upon voluntary acceptance by the individuals.

  1. Active Window Displays

By 2020, many cars are expected to have active glass that displays and highlights the next move or turn via vibrant images and text.

  1. Vehicle Shutdown

The year 2020 onwards, vehicle shutdown awareness will be increased to a great extent and will be part of social consciousness around the globe!