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AirBags Providing Safety To Bikers Now


It was the year 1976 that motorbike airbags were patented in jacket form. Though the recent years show greater development than before. It is because of the fact that we have a much aware society now a days and authorities are getting concern for safety of masses.

Although the airbags for bike need greater time to be willingly used by society because of the basic psychology of thrill synonym with bike ride. So being safe is low priority as compare to the adventure instinct. To counter this strict compliance mechanism should be employed. As the history tells us that whether it is about the wearing of helmet or the seat belts in cars resistance has always been there.

It is a good step, as previously in case of serious accident of bike, the protected areas included head only while in some part of the world it was the joints of arms and legs covered for damages. The upper body having delicate organs like heart and lungs were open to mishaps. This step will protect the most in risk part to perfection.

Air Bags will be worn as apparel, filled with CO2. The improvement phase is still continued, but the progress in safety of bikers is praise worthy.