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Amazing Hacks You Need For Your Car This Summer!

Summer is the time of the year where all you want to do is relax and enjoy the time before the deadly winters begin. However in the scorching heat its quite quite difficult to carry on with your daily routine with you being dehydrated, edgy, cranky and on top of that facing car troubles. You really do not to stand in the heat and face car troubles or feel the whiff of the excruciatingly steamy air in the inside of your parked car. In order to make your life considerably easier we have compiled a list of multiple car hacks that will make you life a lot more easier in the summer.

Hot Inside?

Before getting a move on that accelerator, roll down all the windows and drive to let all the air out. This will cool up the car in a matter of minutes and you can roll up the windows and switch on the air conditioning.

Burning Steering Wheel?

Tired of handling the burning steering wheel that will leave your hands with scorched marks? When getting out of the car turn the steering 180 degrees. This will keep the part you hold out of the sunlight and in shade and cool.

Sweat Stinking Car Odor?

Place dryer sheets over the air-conditioning and also on the back seats to absorb the car odor of sweaty smell.

AC not working?

This commonly occurs due to the intensity of heat and as back up you need a solar powered car fan that provide constant circulation and ventilation for easy breathing and cool atmosphere.

Overheating of Engine?

If you feel that your engine may be over heating pull the car over and let it cool for atleast 30 minutes before you start the car again.