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Amazing: How They Parked A Car At The Top Of The Building?

ford mustang

For quite some time now, we have read and saw amazing marketing stunt from different companies from Coca- Cola to Nokia and Samsung.
Today we are talking about the most recent and successful marketing effort from Ford.
Ford Mustang, Amazing muscle car we all know, celebrated its 50th birthday at the top of Empire State Building in New York City. Ford unveiled its 2015 model of Ford Mustang there.
We know you are thinking about how they brought this car at the top?
We have the answer… Ford executive didn’t bring the whole the car through elevators but they break it into some pieces first then they took those piece through building elevators.
After that they reassemble this car and showcased it to the world.
On top of it, Ford also organized amazing party with delicious food and invited all media journalists and its own executives' families.

We hope everybody enjoyed there a lot.

Take a closer look in a below video

Ford Puts New Mustang Atop Empire State Building by Buzz60