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AMAZING How Your Car Knows You’re Sleepy or Distracted NOW!


You know what smarter than you texting while driving or driving under abuse? Yes it’s our car itself! At those moments when you yourself are vulnerable to life threatening accidents it is now your car that will play the role of the designated driver and keep you away from harm by taking over the vehicle. No it is not something that you will see in the future; it is something that is present NOW!

Numerous companies like Mercedes and Volvo are offering such systems that will detect your wavering attention and will alert you immediately to keep you safe. While driving Mercedes Benz the “Attention Assist” function will make a unique profile of you deviation from which will alert that there is unusual behavior on the drivers part. That sets the system into action ensuring the car does not stray out of its lane. Volvo keeps the eye on safety through its windshield mounted cameras and keep an eye out for safety on the road. In case of disturbances it alerts through voice messages “Time for a break?”. Similarly Ford uses the radar sensor function to detect whether the car infront of you has stopped driving. If that is the case and the driver himself keeps on moving towards the stopped car and may cause an accident, audible warning and red LED lights will flash at the windshield to get the attention of the driver. Similarly Cadillac will vibrate the seat of the driver to get him to alert and pay attention.

It is therefore one of technology’s most impressive achievements that automatically safeguard the human life in numerous ways. However the human element cannot be taken out of the picture and is highly recommended to pay complete attention while driving.