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Apparently A Porsche Cannot Swim!


The height of human stupidity is beyond measure. Every day we come across news that is bound of make us bang our head against the wall at the lack of common sense that is surrounding this world. People do the most outrageous of acts in the most impossible manner and the worst part it they do not realize the intensity of their stupidity. People ruin their cars by painting on them, by smashing them in the stunt or numerous other ways but this genius we came across today has taken it to a whole new level.

An owner of a Porsche Panamera was happily taking his car out on the ride without realizing what as going to happen to his prices possession. The vehicle was parked in the parking lot of a college campus where the driver lost control and landed his vehicle is a pool of water. That was the day the man found out his car could not swim. Not only that the water reached the floor of the vehicle absolutely ruining the vehicle. There he stands i n the picture unable to understand why his car wont swim to safety on its own. Touche’ brother touche’!