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Apparently France Has Fallen Out Of Love With Cars!


In every relationship there comes a moment when you doubt whether you want to move forward with it and end it just right here. It feels like you have fallen out of love with the other person as the sparks far away but it is the presence of comfort and that you are used to being around the other individual. It is not worth ending your relationship over. And we have the same message for the French who have apparently fallen out of love with cars themselves!

According to latest research it has been found out that the French are showing considerably lower numbers for purchasing and owning vehicles. The maintenance cost and expenses are too much of a burden for the French community and they prefer other ways to commute. Car sharing services like BlaBlaCar and Autolib have taken over with people preferring to opt for such services at a cheaper cost rather than buying their own vehicle. Carpooling has also been gaining momentum due to such issues as well and making commuters life a lot more easier than before. Well you know the French and there is no denying their stubbornness to stick to their decision once they make up their mind. Good luck with that automotive industry!