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Are Doctors And Surgeons Causing The Most Road Accidents?


Who is the person you trust your life most with? Not just your but that of your family and friends and you are sure they will keep them safe since they are the most capable ones? Well the only logical answer to that is doctors. They’re God’s workers who do their best all the time in the most selfless manner to save your lives and the lives of those you love. For you they are the most reliable one above all. Well brace yourself for a shocker!

In recent reports it was disclosed by insurance companies that the most number or individuals who were involved in car crashes and accidents were our very own and beloved surgeons. It was stated that 9 out of 10 accidents caused had doctors or surgeons present behind the wheel. One of the reasons behind this shocking uncovering of information is the fact that doctors, surgeons and nurses have the most stressful occupations due to which the lack of attention and concentration behind the wheel might be lacking and resulting in vehicle accidents. The element of being tired and lack of time can also be contributing factors in this situation.