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Are you Ready to Drive on Glowing Glass?


The future is expected to bring in something more promising than expected. As it is said the crazy ideas of past turns into the inventions of future. So the goosebumps you have while thinking of driving on glass is natural, yet you will be doing it in near future.



The prototype video of such happening is attached below, but before that let us look for the fact that glass is not that fragile as we think. With proper combination of everything it can be converted into strong material. A material that can be used as a road way to carry car. It will have solar panels for indication which will bring in positivity to a new level.

So buckle up and get ready for roads in future that will indicate about the road conditions, best assisting you to drive well. Hence this new era will bring in driving ease reached to a new level.

Do not believe me, check the video below by the inventor of this concept.


There will be much more promising technologies coming in near future. But as in now imagine yourself driving on glass with full confidence. Chaw! Happy Imagination.