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Are your “NEW” tires really 6 year old ticking time bombs?!!


Car maintenance and servicing is a kind of pain every automobile owner has to go through. No matter how perfect you think your car is, it never ceases to amaze you how even the perfectly functioning vehicle is filled with tiny nooks and crooks that need taking care of. Be it engine trouble, rust at the corner of the door, tire pressure, steering alignment, or numerous other glitches that need taking care of your car will make sure to keep you busy one way or the other.


So you’ve got perfect tires. They look good, no wear and tear, no bald spots and plenty of tread? We’ll you could either have a great set of tires or they’re just a set of ticking time bombs that need immediate attention. In Asia and Europe, the tire manufacturers inform the customers that the ‘new’ tires they are purchasing are actually 6 years old. In USA what happens in contrary with the tire purchasers kept in the dark. The billion dollar tire industry would g up in smoke upon the revelation of this important piece of information. The perception of these tires upon looking at them is that they look brand new but maybe not be and can result in a catastrophic break down right in the middle of the road when the rubber in the tires dry out.  It is therefore imperative that the tires be checked for their proper usage and in case of its poor state get them replaced by credible and authentically new tires as soon as possible.