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Armored Car Robbed By Thieves With The Help Of A PEPPER SPRAY!


Robberies and thefts in the 21st century are becoming more smart and fast with the help of the technology at hand. People use the hacking techniques to break into cars and houses and numerous safes all the while the owner has no idea what is going on. No more do the thieves have to hold people at gun point or crash into a house with the fear or burglar alarms going off at any second. No more do you have to use a rod to open the car lock and pray to God that the alarms do not go off and make people aware of the presence. However some people inspite of numerous technological gadgets just like to go for the old school style.

In San Antonio Texas, there was an occur ance of a robbery of an armored car infront of the North Star Mall recently. The thieves were two individuals who had their eyes on the bag of cash present in the armored car and their weapon of choice – A Pepper Spray! The two man attacked the driver with the pepper spray who went momentarily blind. The thieves tool the bag of cash and ran away on foot where the witnesses saw them leave to an apartment building. The authorities later found the empty bag with no trace of the thieves left behind. There is still no progress in the case without any clue to who the thieves were or where their current location is.