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Aston Martin Is the New BOND Car In SPECTRE!

When it comes to style, class, attitude and the ability to have it all, there is no better fictional character than that of Bond – James Bond. the classy under cover agent gets all the class, all the glory, all the new gadgets and all the ladies as well. The sleek demeanor of the world wide icon is what makes our jaw drops and that serene British accent only elevates his presence ten fold. But there is a strict association of the character with certain traits and his side kicks that are essentially important for the successful Bond image.

One such element that makes Bond the real Bond is the wheels he possesses. Over the years the character has enjoyed numerous classy and high end vehicles and the new upcoming release of the movie ‘Spectre’ features the one and only Aston Martin. Now that is the kind of car i would mind taking a ride in even if there was a Bond villain present in it. The British Luxury brand has designed and created a brand new never seen before custom car called the DB10 that will be unleashed in the movie for the first time. The icing on the cake is that Aston Martin is celebrating the 50 year relationship with 007 by introducing the classy vehicle in none other than 007 itself.