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Audi 8 Battle Fight – BLACK vs WHITE!

audi rs8

Audi is famous for not only their top notch quality but their sense of style, class and touch that is unmatchable by others. It is highlighted in not only their vehicles but also in each and every campaign that Audi launches. Be it an advertisement campaign on Audi’s part of introduction of a new and upgraded model of the classy Audi, the company leaves no stones unturned in leaving the viewers in awe and amazement.

The launch of Audi RS8 was no different. The introduction of the vehicle in 2 clashing colors of Black and White was put in the test room with the air of Clash Of The Titans. Each vehicle was fitted with a paint ball gun where the White Audi RS8 was filled with yellow paint and the Black one with Blue paint. The aim of both the Audi vehicles from their starting positions of being back to back was to hit the other one with their paint gun using their sleek drive, car control, brakes and over all handling of the new Audi RS8. The way in which the amazing vehicles are highlighted in the video not only amuses the viewers but leave them clapping for the great drive Audi RS8 promises to be.