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AUDI A6 Will Take Care Of You In Case Of A Heart Attack Or Emergency!!


The automobile industry is experiencing a significant boom with the latest and greatest technological innovations being implemented in the vehicles nowadays. Not only are the cars impressive and visually appealing but they are the top notch of all time on the basis of specifications and features. From flying cars to electric cars, driver less cars to self controlling cloud connecting cars there are numerous features that amaze the audience even in the era of such immense industrial and commercial growth.


One of the most important feature to mankind has always been maintaining the safety and security of human life. In order to preserve the sanctity of human life there has been constant implementation of safety features that not only safeguard and protect the life of the passengers inside the car but the pedestrians on the streets as well. The Audi A6 is introducing one of the most looked forward to element in their cars that will take care of their driver behind the wheel themselves. In case the driver suffers a heart attack or experiences instant sickness the car will not only turn on the hazard lights and park it safely but will also contact the emergency authorities conveying that the driver is in distress. Is this a car or our new guardian angel?