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Audi And Chrysler In BIG Trouble!


The year 2014 is turning out to be one of the most happening years in the history of automobile industry. From the revolution of the self driving vehicles to steering less cars to self parking automobiles there have been massive leap of technological growth being experienced. However on the other hand there has been a massive flood of millions of recalls from reputed companies like Toyota, Ford, General Motors and many more. This has resulted in wavering confidence among the target market. It sure looks like there are two more contenders in the list.

China is now aiming to punish two of the most reputed automobile companies; Audi and Chrysler. The two giants have been accused of participating in a monopoly. There is major presence of the two automotive companies in China and have been charged with hiking up their prices of vehicles and parts in the country exclusively. This will result in both the companies given the red flag which will not to be good for their reputation or business world wide. It looks like the automobile industry needs to revamp its policies and standards to make efficient and reliable cars along with honest and strategic business policies that will not result in ripping certain potential markets off.