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Audi Lights Up The World Cup With A HUGE Soccer Audi A8 Score Board!!


What is the world mad about these days? What is everyone doing at the moment? What is the passion and love for the young and the old at the very moment in time? What is consuming a vast chunk of the world’s population today, yesterday and tomorrow? Yes everyone its Soccer aka Football and its what you see, hear and experience left and right. The FIFA World Cup 2014 in session at Brazil has taken everyone by storm and promises to do so for the rest of the month.


Aston Martin did was Aston Martin does best. The British giant took advantage of the high popular event and turned the tables in their favor by aligning the world cup with their marketing campaign and in no other way than what was the best. The genius at Audi created a huge soccer score board that will display the live results of every match of the world cup in the most unique way imaginable. Audi used 25 shipping containers and set them up 40 foot long with Audi A8 in each of them facing front and illuminating the score through switching on the headlights with a red light for ambiance against the striking white. The result turned out to be amazing and jaw dropping making Audi’s marketing campaign an instant success. Hats off to you Audi. You just red carded all your competition in one go!