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Audi’s Super Fast Driverless Car WOWS Us!


The turn if the century has brought forward a hurricane of technological advancements previously unknown to mankind. Be it any industry, the technological involvement is so outstanding and shocking that ti seems hard to believe at times. Be it medicine, entertainment or automobile sector the technological innovations has left no stones unturned to make the impossible possible. From self driving vehicles to communicating cars to steering less vehicles the jaw keep dropping to the floor further and further down.

In the latest move by none other than one of the three intimidating and flawless German giants, Audi introduced its very first driverless car and it was a vision to behold. Audi became one of the front runners alongside Mercedes Benz and Tesla and many others in its vision to develop driverless vehicles. Introducing Hockenheimring as Audi’s latest speedster, the driverless car rocketed at the speed of 149 miles/hour without even a hint of a glitch during the drive. Audi has revamped its positioning over the years in the league of luxury cars along with that catering to the edgy yet sophisticated class producing top notch and highly impressive vehicles. Hats off to you Audi that truly was a vision to witness.