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Auto Industry In Need Of a New Model T


Loss of Trust and Confidence

With the fix automobile industry is facing nowadays, the element of millions of recalls from reputed and prestigious companies like General Motors, Ford, Toyota and Nissan are further losing the trust and confidence of the users all over the world. There has been witnessed an increase in the loss of interest for driver's license with people opting to alternate modes of transportation like public vehicles, baking sharing, car pooling and Uber rides.

The New Model T

The need of the new century is to win back customers in masses and the only solution possible to that is the introduction of the New Model T. The original Model T was aimed at the middle class and the ease provided for them for first time and cheaper purchasing. The aim of the smart companies should be to follow the precedent and introduce the new need of the customers which will be fulfilled by the want factor.

Follow The Pattern

The pattern is clearly visible that once a product is deemed hot, people will follow the lead and start purchasing. The trick is to tap the mindset which is already on its pathway of appeal for mass market vehicle and figure out how to leverage it. This is feat is not as easy as it sounds and will result in innovative out of the box thinking for the product that the customers exactly need at the moment for their satisfaction and for the sustainance of the Automobile Industry itself.