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Auto Lock System Locks Thief Inside The Car During Car Theft!


The latest technological gadgetry is nothing less than magic with its efficiency and performance. The developments are so much ahead of times that is a person who died 50 years ago is revived and shown the technological growth, he would refuse to believe its true. Now we have cars that can communicate with each other, cars that drive themselves, car that park themselves and car that don’t need a steering wheel at all. With great power comes responsibility and the technological growth has spiked in the safety sector as well.

In recent news the safety features of a vehicle just put a stop to the robbery taking place at the very moment. A man in South Africa used a jamming device to get into a vehicle for his possible car theft plan. The moment he broke into the car and stepped inside to ride it away into the sunset, the auto lock system kicked and trapped the man inside the vehicle by locking him inside and complete shot down for any kind of starting maneuvers. The police were called to the situation and the man of locked inside for an hour and a half before the owner came in to unlock the car to let the thief out into the hands of the police. Serves you right!