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Automobile Safety At all Costs? Too Good To Be True!


With the recent flood of automobile recalls hitting the market concerning major automotive giants like Toyota, General Motors and Ford, there is little or no confidence left in this sector for the essence of safety above all. The increased number of accidents, injuries and fatal incidents has highlighted the automobile firm's inclinations of compromise on human life claiming differently.

General Motors which has been under the radar for too long slowly tarnishing its reputation had ample time to replace the fatally flawed switch in the Chevy Cobalt at a cost less than $1 but failed to do so causing 13 deaths in the process. Later on with the CEO under the radar Mary Barra claimed the new GM would not repeat such incidents consoling with hollow words and empty actions. The claim of not putting a cost on human safety is a false claim made by each and every firm in reality. If it were so all the firms would get a 5 star rating in the crash tests carried out and major giants like Mercedes and BMW would not boast of cutting edge technology. The cost benefit analysis carried out by the automobile firms is an uninviting prospect which has to be practically handled by the professionals. The ethical reasoning over weights the importance of human life at any cost necessary but reality hits when it is not practically implementable.