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Automotive Customer Satisfaction At An All Time Low!

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The year 2014 has not been good to the automotive industry from the customer’s point of view. Even thought the technological innovations and projects brought forward this year have been jaw dropping and show right amazing yet the audience is hesitant every coming day. The self driving vehicles, communicating cars, self parking options, 3D vehicles, hovering bikes and steering free cars are few of the many innovations done so this year. The aim is to provide the up to date technological features that could be made to the audience.

However on the other hands, the rate of recall has gone to millions all over the world. Reputed companies are in a fix due to faulty vehicles on the basis of design, engineering and other issues. Not only accidents but deaths have resulted due to such issues. There has been a significant decrease in purchase of vehicles with all the discontent and confusion going around. Also companies like Uber that provide transport from your place to your required destination at a reasonable price is pushing the audience in the direction opposite from purchasing their own vehicle due to high fuel and maintenance cost. The customer satisfaction inspite of such achievements is at an all time low in the year 2014 with the graphs still showing a downward spiral.