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Autonomous Technology to Be Released in 2018

Technology and car companies are just delivering a head-to-head race to bring the best and safest automotive to the market. The companies are concerned with the problem of the high number of traffic tugs, at the same time they get more help from the regulatory authorities and are of course also attracted by the sales potential.

The speed with which this technology continues to develop is astonishing. This also means that most of us have probably missed some important development steps. In the following, you will find 9 facts, so you are completely up to date again.


Autonomous Cars by 2018

2018 will be an interesting year. The electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors published a video a few months ago, in which one can see a Tesla with the autopilot. In doing so, the car takes complete control. A few months ago, Tesla installed the hardware for fully autonomous driving in their cars and announced that they would actively release software updates to allow the cars to be fully autonomous in the future. This is to be done after further tests. But CEO of Tesla Elon Musk said he wanted to have the first fully autonomous Tesla till 2018 on the road.


Self-Driving Cars by Nissan

The Mars-Rover technology could find its way into the self-propelled cars. At the Consumer Electronics Show in January, Nissan Motor announced that it would use the technology of NASA to control entire fleets of self-propelled cars. The Seamless Autonomous Mobility (SAM) system allows self-propelled cars to ask a person when the car does not know what to do – when, for example, a hand signal from a traffic policeman needs to be interpreted. The vehicle would use SAM in such a situation and a person would then show a fast alternative route around the problem area. Other self-propelled cars would then be able to learn from these situations to improve their own driving skills.

NASA is using a similar system, known as the Visual Environment for Remote Virtual Exploration (VERVE), for the Mars Rover and other technologies where people pre-define the routes when obstacles occur that the Rover alone cannot circumvent.

The Future is Bright for Self-driving Cars

Nissan LEAF at CEATEC Japan 2013 demonstrating Autonomous Drive

Self-driving cars will make you a better driver. The chip manufacturer and leader in self-propelled cars NVIDIA Corporation recently announced the new co-pilot, who works with artificial intelligence. This system uses external cameras and radar to see what is around the car. An example here would be a cyclist. Internal cameras adjust where the driver is looking. The co-pilot will control the car most of the time, but will also use the data to help people learn to drive better.


Self-propelled cars will be a great deal. The Boston Consulting Group estimates that the market for self-propelled cars will be worth US $ 77 billion by 2035. Not all of this will come from the sale of the vehicles. Many companies like Waymo are planning to earn money with taxi services. However, not everyone is a fan of this technology.