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Back Off BOND! The Villain Gets The Car This Time!


The coolest and the most notorious super heroes of all time does not have any super power but his armor is his class, his demeanor and that jaw dropping British accent of his. Yes we are talking about the infamous James Bond. He’s the British secret service agent with killer looks, even killer gadgets and the outstanding aura about him. He gets the girl, the cars and the cool new inventions no one owns. NOT this time!

Time to take a back seat Mr. Bond, its the time of the Villains. The shocking revelation of the sweetest ride in the new upcoming Bond movie by the name of “Spectre” includes a Jaguar C-X75 which will have the Bond Villain in the driving seat. This has been a long time coming with the supremely evil and yet classy villains of the series finally getting the limelight. Where as Mr. James Bond played b Daniel Craig will take Aston Martin DB10 out on a spin in the movie, but it will be Bond’s nemesis enjoying the Jaguar with its new positioning of “It’s good to be bad!”. This will it WILL be good to be bad!