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Ban On Cellphones During Driving Does Not Bring About Significant Change According To Studies!


Due to numerous researches carried out all over the world, it was concluded that using cell phones during driving distracted the drivers which resulted in increasing road accidents. The distraction during driving from using cell phone or any other hand held device caused major outrage as it not only put the driver’s life in danger but also of other people on the road. California paid heed to such implications and banned the usage of cell phones while driving. The state aimed to decrease the accident rate in California with strict and vigilant law enforcement for cellular usage during car.

However 6 months later there has been a a conflicting patterns found among cellular usage and on road accidents. After the span on 6 months it was noted that there was no significant decrease in accidents inspite of the law being enforced. The accident rate was more or less the same as when cellular usage was allowed. Studies indicated that there can be a three fold reason for such conflicting patterns. Firstly driver using cell phones could naturally be distracted drivers by nature or they could have broken the law and continued with using cell phones or finally that the past studies had over estimated the risk of distracted driving due to cell phones. Let us see how the automobile industry and law authority responds to this recent revelation.