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Be Careful When Handing Over Your Car to Valet – GTO 599 Crashed

Ferrari 599 GTO Crashed

Valet are trained and experienced drivers , while hiring a person who will carefully park your car in the parking area malls, hotels and such places driving expertise are considered. But sometimes valet can also crash cars no matter the distance is just from road to parking. This valet in Rome didn’t crashed an economical car but completely broke a GTO 599 Ferrari which was owned by a Ducth owner who was on a visit to Rome attending a conference organized by Ferrari Owner’s Club.

When police reached the accident area and investigated the 38- year old valet told that he was quite confused due to anxiety and accidently pressed the 640 horsepower accelerator rather than pressing brakes. Hence it caused the Ferrarri crashed badly leaving it in to crap and miserably broken.

The crashed Ferrari was one of the four unique Ferrari’s manufactured by the company which were marked as the fastest GTO 599, the specialty of the car is it can reach its top speed in less than 3.3 seconds which 289 mph, this might be the reason the valet lost control and couldn’t even press brakes since the car is too fast to switch between accelerator and brakes.

There will be only three such GTO’s left in the world, the fourth will not be seen or driven anymore which is such a big loss to the owner leaving him shattered at a foreign land.

This crash will be a lesson for hotels and valets in Rome to carefully handle cars or categorize the valets according to the car type for handling and safely park them without causing any accidents. Proper training and assessment of driving can also workout but whatever measures will be taken for future the sad truth is world lost one of the only four GTO 599 manufactured by Ferrai company.