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Be Careful When You Text Your Loved Ones During Drive


Liz Marks a 20 year old now was driving her Mazda 3 three years back when she was only 17, on the Mary land road when everything suddenly changed and her life was shaken upside down. Just like a normal teenager she was fond of her cell phone, texting, socializing using her most favorite belonging all the time. Liz, who was a high-school student and used to socialize, participate in extracurricular and even once did modeling for school photography contest ended up shattered the day she was driving and texting at the same time.


Liz was on her routine drive when she got this text from her mom and within seconds the car crashed with a bang sound and stuck with a tow truck. The truck gave a left indicator while she was looking down at her cell phone replying to a text her mother sent a few seconds ago and this miserable accident happened.

The happy-go-lucky teenager who was surrounded by friends , like to shop, hang out and posses dreams like any other teenager to do something great in life left with one-eye blinded and severe injuries, she cannot smell, she cannot sleep normally and even cannot cry because her eye duct was badly damaged which support tears to flow out.

Mrs. Mark who is a grieved mother now, blame herself for the condition her daughter is suffering from though Liz takes the entire responsibility of the accident which was a worst night mare of her life. She and her mother aware everyone and plead them not to drive and text , they have recorded several videos via US department of transportation in order to forbid drivers in US and around the globe not to take this lightly and do not put in to practice driving and texting, time can never come back and no lose can undone.

Liz was left alone, she explained she was a very friendly and social person during her school years but was left by most of the friends and there was a time when she had to beg for friends on facebook just to get rid of her loneliness, she couldn’t study, she cannot focus nor she can normally mingle with people because her hearing sense and one eye is totally damaged.