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Behold Super Bowl! Lexus Is Coming With A Musical!


Super Bowl is one of the most elite sporting competition in America. It is the event that the whole of the America is watching in a frenzy and is considered to be one of the most expensive viewing on television. Advertiser and marketeers pay a hefty amount of money to place their ads during commercials and the mega event that takes place on the final is for the elite and the exclusive. And this is when the advertising wars take place each company trying to outbid the other for the top spot on screens. It is the craze of American Football that grasps everyone and every bit of their attention. Well hold back auto industry because Lexus is coming to town!

Amongst cutthroat competition, Lexus is coming to the 2015 Super Bowl event. While Lexus has only once before advertised in the Super Bowl, this time it is coming with a different strategy. The Lexus Musical! Yes it might sound a little different from its intended market, but the advertisers have come with an edgy and fun way to retain mind and heart share of the targeted audience. It will be a musical made with the clicks and bangs and the numerous noises that Lexus car makes to to relate to the vehicle enticing you to get one of your own. Smart move Lexus very smart move.