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Behold! The Amazing 3D Printed Car!


The 21st century is the technological boom everyone was waiting for. The year 2014 has come forward with mind blowing and shocking technological implementation all over the world in every industry. Be it any company and any kind of business, the element of technology cannot be separated anymore. In the automobile industry the technological incorporation has surpassed all barriers and all forms up to the point where the presence of the driver in the car is not even needed anymore. This is the magic of technology that it has finally made the human factor nil.

One of such technological breakthrough is the 3D printing phenomenon. With the right ingredients it is now practically possible for anything to be created and printed. The McCormick Place is at the moment working tirelessly to create and print a working automobile from a 3D printer itself. The car being printed is 6.5 feet wide and 16 feet long. This is a feat in itself to actually print such a huge vehicle and that in a working condition. Let us wait and see whether this becomes a success because if it does it will give automobile vehicle a run for their money.