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Behold The Car That Wont Drive If The Driver Is Distracted!


Get ready to feel like a kid again and not in a good way in case you were jumping for joy. Its an adult version of ‘you wont get dessert if your don’t eat your vegetables’. Yes its about your daily companion you car that will not drive until and unless you are completely focused. A sign of even the smallest distraction on your face with shut down the car before you could say NO and wont drive until you keep your eyes fairly square on the road.

Volvo has always been a firm supporter of vehicle safety be it through their prompt implementation and upgrading their headrests, airbags, seat belts or just the sturdy metallic body of the safe vehicle. Volvo has introduced a latest bit of technology in their vehicle that will ensure supreme safety of the driver himself and the cars and passengers surrounding him. The new technology allows the car to flash infrared light on the drivers face which is basically undetectable by the driver but can detect driver’s position and eye movements during the ride. The slightest bit of distraction will ensure that the car does not drive further to cause damage to the driver or to the passengers. The surveillance function is an added safety precaution that makes driving even more safer than already being made.