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Behold The Funkiest Lamborghini To Date!


Car art is nothing new to the world. It is refreshing to see the changes people perform on their vehicles to make them stand out and to make their presence known on the road. One of my all time favorites was this individual on his bike which he was completely painted bubble gum pink along with the same colored helmet because no doubt safety is very important. I however nearly crashed my car at the sight of that. But i recently came across a vehicle that blew my m,ind with the crafty and funky look put to it specially when it is one of the most exclusive vehicles of all time.

The ever famous Lamborghini Aventador got a custom wrap job done on the whole of the vehicle. The car which is so classy and stylish with its exclusive looks and cuts looked even better with the multi color combination that makes it look like a graffiti display at full speed. It ticks the intrinsic left side of your brain making you appreciate the beauty that it is and the vibe that it offers leaving the jaws dropped to the floor. Cannot wait to get my hands on that one in my dreams!