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Behold The New BATMOBILE In Batman VS Superman!


Batman is hands down our most favorite super hero of all times. Super man and spider man come quite close but batman has all the cool gadgets and above all batman has the BATMOBILE! Super man might have the power to see through things and fly on his own where as spider man is super fast and super sleek. Batman however has Robin. No matter the comparison Batman man always has the edge. It turns out Batman will be a formidable enemy for Superman in the upcoming Batman VS Superman blockbuster that is sure to make all the comic fanatics go crazy.

The first ever picture of the 2015 Batmobile has been released and from the looks of it, it sure seems like a bad boy to deal with that even Superman’s super powers cant take down. The edgy tank line look with enormous wheels display the aura of something that should not be messed with any time soon. The automatic guns fitted at the front sure shows that Batman means business this time and wont let the other super heroes reign over his parade. The mean looking ride will be used by none other than our all time favorite Ben Affleck. Lets hope he does justice to this beauty.