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Beware of Fine For Fuel Economy


As part of automobile industry we need to be really careful in figures, especially in written form. As small difference can lead to heavy fine. Another victim to heavy fine has been identified. Hyundai and SSangyong has overstated its economy figure by as much as eight percent. This exaggeration is expected to cause a huge outflow of money from Hyundai and SSangyong.

The companies will be fined on the basis of their goodwill in the market. The Hyundai is expected to be penalized for approximately a billion while the SSangyong will face small punishment of approx 200 million.

The reason of huge fine to Hyundai is because it has been a culprit for second time. The 2012 scandal of American subsidiary has also been part of fuel economy issue. The reason many believe, behind the misinterpretation, is that the fuel economy has direct relation to sales increase.

This is a lesson for people in automobile business across globe, as misinterpretation not only leads to heavy penalization but also impacts the priceless good will of the company. With social media and other direct channels your existing and potential customers have access to all information. And goodwill takes years to built while it can be impacted by simple miscalculation or misleading, depending on which side you support.