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Beware TESLA – There Is A New Cowboy In Town!


The most popular automobile company that is revolutionizing the automotive industry at the moment is TESLA. The vehicles are being shown the new era of technology by supreme implementation that completely eliminates the usage of fuel and operates on an electric charge. This has given numerous competition all over the world a run for their money due to cost cutting options that are also environment friendly. However Tesla should count their eggs before they’re hatched since there is a new competition in town – Australian University Students!


A group of Australian University students created a vehicle by the name of Sunswift eVe that has set a new world record for fastest average speed that is more than 60 mph and over 500 kilometers on a single battery charge. One of the things holding back electric vehicles was the range that they could travel on a single charge. However after the creation of this vehicle it has been concluded that it is highly possible for an electric car to drive hundreds of miles at a reasonable speed. The old record of 45 mph was broken and passed easily over Tesla S which is currently the king of EV cars. Well by the look of it, it seems the king is about to be dethroned.