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‘Bloodhound’ – The Beauty Made In Britain!


The growing technological innovations being experienced in every sector and industry has left the audience in shock and awe. What once seemed impossible and unachievable is now the order of the day. Be it any project, the achievement is being made by leaps and bounds magically. The automobile industry is a pillar of technological growth and successful innovation in this regard. The self driving vehicle, connecting cars, steering less cars and many more have wowed the world in the past few years. Therefore the aim is to provide the best of the best no matter what.


To make its presence known in this competitive market, Rolls Royce is introducing a vehicle exclusively built in Britain named ‘Bloodhound’. The vehicle is sure to leave the driver in awe of its presence by going at the rate of 1000 mph which is faster than a speeding bullet. The vehicle is presently on display at the Farnborough Airshow. The Bloodhound is record breaking project work 40 million pounds. The competitive edge for breaking records is what drives numerous companies to invest in such projects that will bring the eyes of all the world on their achievement. The Britain aims to make sure their Bloodhound achieves the same fame as glory as its precedents Hound of Baskervilles.