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BMW Comes Forward With A BANG!


The turn of the 21st century has witnessed numerous changes i n the business industry all over the world. The business activities are changing as well as the strategies put forward to the users in an alternating way with ground braking inventions. One of the things that has effected the automobile industry is the fact that car purchasing is now on the down low. Car rental services are making a huge impact on the market which allows the individuals to rent a car instead of purchasing it.

The graph of purchasing vehicles is consistently going down due to the extra expenses which can be cut by opting for rental services. BMW has come forward with a bang by teaming up with a rental firm called Sixt in order to change the Britain’s residents approach the motoring segment. The car sharing model will allow users to locate and unlock their cars user their mobile phone app after paying for the service online on per minute basis. BMW has provided as small fleet of 250 BMW 1 Series and Minis for the purpose. A similar strategy by Uber has become hit in the United Stated of America and has become the inspiration and driving force of this project.