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BMW Is Worried For You And Your Car’s Privacy!


The modern era of technology is one in which anything and everything is easily accessed after pushing a few button and entering a few codes. The technological gurus are able to gain access to the most sensitive of information which can be possibly used against any on us. The recent scandal of the Sony hack is a testament to the riskiness of the technology and how easy it is to gain access to others personal and sensitive information. This is not only unethical but potential dangerous as well. And that i exactly what certain companies are worried about.

BMW is one such front runners that have shown growing concern over the demand of technological and advertising companies to gain access to private and personal information and data collected for connected cars. This grows the concern of the fine line that is present between functionality and privacy. The advertisers are aiming to increase safety and security but the risk behind that functionality is greater with the kind of data they require to get the job done. If the data of people’s personal information got out, the heavy blow by insurance will be the receiving gift for the companies out there. Better safe than sorry!